A Lantern in the Sky // Sepia Tones


I take a lot of sepia pictures. If you follow me you will see many (my favourites) posted here.

My friends tend to roll their eyes at the mention or sight of another brown tinted picture, but there is something that continues to facinate me about what most photographers would regard as a very limited format.

I love their warmth. Black & white just doesnt have the same resonance, though in theory it should be just as good.

I also find the tonal gradation really pleasing, especially for pictures of the sky & the way clouds seem flattened and illuminated at the same time.

I am a believer that the pictures you take in your life will inform / embellish / enhance the memories you have & retain of your experiences. Using this format I am interested in how it colours my memory of people (stylish) & places (timeless).

Looking at old photos, I often wonder how the people in them were thinking and feeling. There is a nostalgia in sepia, of lives past, happiness, sorrow, joy & loss; but also a kind of immediacy & intensity.


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