Infinite Antiquity


The thought that we live in the midst of infinity, held floating in the bubble of an endless moment, appeals to me.

So much of what we do & produce however, strikes me as instantly belonging to antiquity. Antiquity from the point of view of all that is to come. In this sense it seems it is antiquity that we materially occupy rather than the present.

It is poignent that the archeologists of the future will most probably be unearthing near solidified ipads & servers, and reanimating them to discover who we were & what moved us; along with the gigatons of slowly degrading plastics & other detris we each put into landfill over the course of our lives.

On that corroded server nestled in solid state inamination, perhaps a fragment our digital lives, once deposited in a cloud shaped receptical under the illusion of distributed immortality.

Your next post might be what is found on that server, alongside the works of Homer (audio book) and the tattered fragments of “Religion of Atheists” (graphic novel with interactive Agape Feast instructions).

Please make it a good one.

You are representing the rest of us.


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